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Hosting and Domain Name Services


Our many and satisfied web hosting clients receive a full range of hosting services from our hosting branch, Host Your Site, and benefit from our state-of-the-art technology and our high-speed Internet connections. Our hosting services include:

  • basic hosting of your website We have a wide variety of plans to suit every need. We offer both Linux and Windows web server options.

    I really appreciate your help last week in getting the website hosting setup and helping with the domain name and the email traffic business. Everything went very smoothly relative to all the hosting aspects and the email still works fine for that domain. I was even able to get a couple cgi pages working!

    web designer

  • hosting of a secondary domain name Have people get to your site using more than one domain name! For instance, you can choose one domain name based on your company name, and another based on your product line.

  • subdomain name hosting You need not restrict yourself to just www.yourdomain.com. You can have separate websites associated with such subdomain names as: retailers.yourdomain.com, shopping.yourdomain.com, and members.yourdomain.com.

  • email aliases and mailing list aliases These days, one's email address is a measure of one's credibility. If you have an online business named Ratchets, Inc., but your email address is jsmith237@aol.com, your credibility is lessened. What people are expecting from serious professionals is an email address such as jsmith@ratchets.com.

  • autoresponders Autoresponders are a very useful tool for distributing information to interested prospects. An autoresponder is simply a program which automatically and instantly sends a pre-written message back (as an acknowlegement to someone submitting a form; an acknowledgement to someone who has made a purchase; etc.).

  • tracking of traffic Find out how many people visit your site every day, which web pages they enter your site through, which web pages are the most popular, and more.

  • password-protected directories Have your own members only section (retailers only, etc.).

  • MX record changes If you'd like all mail addressed to your domain name to be processed by your own in-house mail server, we can set this up by making an MX (Mail eXchange) record change in the records for your domain name on our DNS (Domain Name System) server.

  • secure pages With 1.14% of all online sales associated with credit card fraud, most online customers these days demand that their order information (credit card number, etc.) be secure. Our secure server uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to guarantee the security of your customers' information.

  • database support We offer hosting support for the most popular web database options, including MySQL/PHP, mSQL/PHP, Microsoft SQL 2000, flat-file databases, DBase, FoxPro, Access, Excel, and ODBC.

To read more about our hosting services, or to sign up for one of our web hosting plans, click here.


Don't have a domain name to host yet? Find and register a great one today at our domain name registration branch, Register Your Domain Name. Our domain name services include:

  • domain name search Check whether that domain name you always wanted is available.

  • domain name registration With 39,900 new domain names being registered every day, and 98% of all words in Webster's Dictionary already taken, now is the right time to register the best possible domain name, even if you wait a few years to build a website.

    We offer all of the following domain name extensions: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .BZ, .CC, .US, .NU, .WS, .TV

  • domain name transfers Already got a domain name, but want to take advantage of our cheaper rates? You can transfer your domain name from your current registrar to us through this service.

  • whois Provides more information about the owner of an already taken domain name. Useful for scouting out your web competition, making an offer to the current owner, and much more.

  • domain name spinner Can't find an available domain name of your liking? Use our Namespin tool to generate some available domain names for you!

  • expired domains search A lot of great domain names (over 12 million) that were previously owned by someone else are now available again. Often this is because their previous registrants forgot to renew their registration. Use our Expired Domains search tool to find a great name!

  • email forwarding With our email forwarding service, you will be able to create e-mail addresses for your domains and forward them to any other valid e-mail address.

  • URL forwarding Our URL forwarding service is perfect for people who want to redirect their visitors to another URL which is too long or too hard to remember.

  • DNS management Our web-based DNS management gives you total control over the DNS records for your domain, without the hassle or cost of maintaining your own DNS server.

  • multilingual domain name registration Now you can register domain names using the characters or alphabets of other languages! Over 40 languages supported, from Chinese to Welsh.

To read more about our domain name services, or to search for or register a domain name, click here.



To see just some of the many distinguished clients for whom we are providing web hosting and domain name services, click here.

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