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Take a look in Time Magazine virtually every company with an ad lists their website; this is also increasingly so in our local newspapers. Take a look at the bottom of a movie poster at your local theater each movie has its own website. The ability to establish a global presence for a small price is as irresistible as it is indispensible in today's world. Companies used to advertise "free color brochures", as the medium for telling the full story, that the expensive front-end ad (on TV, in the magazine, etc.) could only hint at. "Free color brochures" have now given way to "websites".

So whether you are:

establishing an Internet profit center for your commercial business, via a commercial website
communicating something about yourself, via your own personal home page
establishing a presence for your non-profit organization, via a non-profit website a website is and will remain an essential tool in successful marketing as we enter the twenty-first century.

More reasons for creating, maintaining, and evolving a website.



Advertising is more than just letting the world know what you have to sell them. It's about creating bridges and networks with real people that will help you attain your goals, while helping them reach their goals at the same time.

When designing a Web page, carefully considers its purpose and setting. We know that it takes more than cleverness and sincerity to create a niche in the marketplace of today's world. You'll never hear us making exaggerated claims about how we can make your site an overnight success. There are no magical solutions to success on the Internet, just good, old-fashioned hard work and intelligently applied, proven Internet marketing techniques. More on the Marketizing of Your Website, from Chris Tong, the president of



Here at , we've designed, upgraded, or marketed over ninety custom websites for major commercial and not-for-profit organizations. Check out our portfolio, which highlights some of our award-winning, . You may also be interested in some of our speciality areas and services.


Our friendly, dedicated team offers professional expertise and experience, and personalized service in:

interviewing and information gathering
art, graphic design, web page design, and animation
multimedia, Java, and HTML programming
technical writing and editing
document design
marketing (Internet and otherwise) using the latest tools and technology.

They will work together, with you and your existing marketing materials, to transform these materials into a form best suited for success on the Internet.


As with other marketing media, in preparing for website design, it is important that those materials of yours that we have in hand are as complete as possible, before our web designers begin work. Based on what you provide us, we work to create a page for you that presents your business to the world in just the right way.



Your best introduction to the unique services we offer is to first read Dr. Tong's article on the powerful trade secrets we use, and why "you get what you pay for". Then check out our services and prices.


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