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Adding E-Commerce to Your Website

E-Commerce is growing at an incredible pace with over $1 TRILLION in worldwide business-to-client revenues projected by the year 2012 (and $12.4 TRILLION in business-to-business revenues).

Adding e-commerce to your site means one or both of the following:

  • Adding to your site a shopping cart service that provides "add to cart" and "view cart" functions, and a "checkout" sequence that includes a secure order page that guarantees secure transactions (using SSL technology).

    web partners with AmericartWe've installed a wide variety of shopping cart packages. However, we specialize in installing the Americart e-commerce package. Americart is an excellent, very reasonably priced, secure-order, e-commerce service. Enchanted Websites is one of only two companies recommended by Americart performing for this service, and we have done so for over twenty-five clients.

  • Following this with an automated payment processing system that verifies the credit card, charges it, and then deposits it in your merchant bank account. If you are not already processing credit cards, then you'll need to set up a merchant bank account.

    For many small businesses, the cost of the fully automating the payment process (with money transferred into your merchant bank account) does not justify the convenience and savings in labor.

    But this option is available for anyone who wants it! And, if you can justify the budget, there are a lot of reasons in favor of being able to take secure credit card and electronic check payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week real-time, without ever needing to speak to customers.

    Once you decide to go this route, the next big question is: what payment transaction processing service should I use? In our experience, this is not a simple matter; we've found many such services to be unreliable, overpriced, or both.

    After much exploring, we've converged on the Quick Commerce System, from E-Commerce Exchange we highly recommend it to our clients.

      Quick Commerce

    For our clients that don't yet have a merchant bank account, E-Commerce Exchange
    can typically establish a new merchant account within 5 to 7 business days, compared to 15 to 45 days for many banks. They offer a pre-approval program for small merchants and an overall application approval rate of more than 95% compared to 60% to 70% for the banks.

    Extra bonus: The Quick Commerce payment processing easily "plugs in" to your Americart shopping cart system.
    The compatability of your shopping cart service and your payment processing service is the final big issue you have to handle, and the choice of Americart and QuickCommerce makes this simple.

    Click here for more information on the Quick Commerce System, and on setting up a merchant account through E-Commerce Exchange.

    Testimonials for E-Commerce Exchange:

    "We found ECX's service to be the best on the Internet. And they have very competitive rates. Our sales have jumped since we started using online ordering."

    ~ VantageNet

    "Everything works great! I like the way I get e-mailed right away."

    ~ Laura Olsen, of Merchandise Marketplace

    "After submitting an information request form to E-Commerce Exchange, I received a prompt response from a representative who was very knowledgeable, and answered my questions thoroughly. The process was very easy. My merchant account was approved and activated within a matter of days. Whenever I have a question, they are quickly and proficiently resolved. And every person I've dealt with at E-Commerce Exchange has been friendly and courteous. I feel they appreciate my business and are there to help my business succeed."

    ~ Brian Petersen, State of Jefferson Company

    "E-Commerce Exchange has been wonderful for out Internet business! We were working with a credit card processing company that would send our funds to us after 30 days or more. Now with QuickCommerce, we are back in business with daily deposits straight to our business checking account. Orders are processed within 24 hours directly from our website. It truly has been the sole solution to our Internet commerce needs."

    ~ Tyra Jackson
    V.P. Nikjak & Sons Import Company

    Click here for more information on the Quick Commerce System, and on setting up a merchant account through E-Commerce Exchange.

Portfolio of our e-commerce clients

Back office software. A necessary complement to your online e-commerce is your offline "back office", where you track, process, and fulfill orders, as well as develop mailing lists and mail promotions. Having a back office that integrates seamlessly with your online e-commerce is imperative. more


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