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Marketing Services

Read our article on Marketizing Your Website, to understand why website design and website marketing must be tightly integrated in order to create an Internet profit center.


SEARCH ENGINE PROMOTION. This is the set of services that we generally recommend to most of our clients interested in online marketing, because getting good listings on the major search engines continues to be the primary source of traffic for most websites. Our basic search engine promotion services include:

  • research of your logs, your competition, the keywords being entered into search engines for business like yours, etc., to determine your best course of action
  • optimization of your current web pages
  • creation of new "doorway" pages targetting particular keywords
  • submission to the major search engines
  • tracking of search engine listings
  • ongoing maintenance and improvement of your search engine listings

For more on our search engine promotion services, CLICK HERE.

(AS OF 4/8/08)

Of course we apply our online marketing principles to our own sites as well! Here are a few examples. Our sites include:

phrase site search engine
out of
(total # listings)
hosting your site HYS Yahoo
host your site HYS Yahoo
host your site HYS MSN
effective online marketing EW Yahoo
effective online marketing EW MSN
Internet profit center NNM Google
cost-effective online marketing services EW Yahoo
basic information about domain names RYDN Google
basic information about domain names RYDN Yahoo
basic information about domain names RYDN MSN
database-driven site generation EW Yahoo
satisfied web hosting clients EW Yahoo
award-winning effective websites EW
smart website marketer EW Yahoo
smart website marketer EW Google
minisite creation EW Google
maximal search engine visibility EW Yahoo
maximal search engine visibility EW MSN
marketizing your site EW Google
marketizing your site EW MSN

We also offer the following additional online marketing services:

  • Intensifying the services already under way. More specialized search engine promotion efforts in the areas of your business that have the highest priority could include:
    • creating more doorway pages for a particular "hot" area of your business
    • creating a minisite for a particular "hot" area of your business

  • Progress tracking reports. You can't really identify which marketing channels (which search engines, which links to your site, etc.) are working for you and which are not -- and to what degree -- without systematic monitoring of key statistics (search engine listings, traffic reports, etc.) over time. We offer a wide variety of customized reports, including detailed reports on traffic to your site, listings for your site on the major search engines, conversion / sales ratios, etc.

    Note: getting a count of hits is completely useless for measuring traffic. "Visitors" or "user sessions" actually counts the number of people visiting your site. A hit count does not do that. Sites can have large numbers of hits and very few visitors.

  • Marketizing your site. Successful search engine promotion completely depends upon a site whose web pages are "search-engine friendly". A variety of services are required to "marketize" your site.

  • Viral marketing. Wouldn't it be nice if visitors to your site did your marketing for you, and spread the word about your products or services without any effort on your part? That's what viral marketing is all about. We help you identify (or create) a means for triggering viral marketing, based on your products, services, or identity, and then we build the technical means to support it (for example, the programming for making "send this page to a friend" possible).

  • Minisite creation. Sometimes the best way to augment your current traffic is to build one or more additional "minisites", that are smaller than your "main site", but are highly focused around a particular topic. Ideally, the minisite has its own domain name, chosen to reflect that topic.

  • Use of "pay-for-placement" search engines. If your marketing niche is highly competitive, then relatively low-cost "guerilla marketing" techniques may not be sufficient to get decent search engine listings. Another alternative is to pay for better placement on some of the major "pay-for-placement" search engines (such as Overture, Google, LookSmart, FindWhat, and Kanoodle).

  • Getting listed on top meta search engines. Meta search engines such as Ask Jeeves have become popular search tools. Meta search engines are very different from regular search engines. The main distinction is that meta search engines do not have their own databases. They do not review websites and they do not index them. Instead a meta search engine will perform a query on many different search engines simultaneously. Your search terms are automatically sent to the databases of other search engines like Alta Vista, Fast, Look Smart, MSN, Open Directory, Overture, or Yahoo. The results pulled from those search engines are merged together and presented as one unified set of results. To get your site listed in a meta search engine your site needs to have been indexed by the search engines it pulls its results from. A good ranking in one search engine can thus do double duty by getting you good ranking on meta search engines too. Important meta search engines include: Ask Jeeves, Metacrawler, Dog Pile, SurfWax, and Profusion.

  • Creation of doorway pages for search engine promotion in other languages. Got a site that could benefit from international markets? Get your site listed on the major foreign search engines: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese.

  • Increasing your site's "popularity". Besides looking at the way your web pages are coded, many major search engines may also look for external cues or references to determine how popular your page is. This might include how many sites link to you, or how many times your site has been clicked on from a search results page. This way, it prevents too much gaming of the system, while also theoretically providing the best information source to the search engine user.

    • Increasing link popularity. Search engines count the number of sites that link to your site, and use that as a simple measure of how "popular" your site is. The notion is that if someone else links their site to yours, there must be something worthwhile about your site. (The more sophisticated search engines also take into account the popularity of the sites that link to you. If Yahoo links to your site, that will count for a whole lot more than if your cousin's home page links to your site!) Consequently, increasing your site's link popularity is an important part of improving your site's search engine listings.

      Our link-finding service involves:
      • identifying more sites resembling the good ones currently linked to you;
      • identifying more sites resembling the good ones currently linked to your competitors;
      • adding your site to sites which permit automatic submission;
      • passing you the list of other sites, so that you can work on getting yourself listed there.

    Last but not least, obtaining links on some sites involves
    a link exchange. If you want to obtain link exchange dependent links, then you'll need to offer a page on your website where you can list these links. Such listing does not need to represent an endorsement of the other site. We often introduce such pages with copy such as, "The following sites feature links to our site".

    • Increasing click popularity. There's nothing like having a big site to boost your click popularity the more web pages of yours are listed at good positions on the major search engines, the more clicks your site is going to get altogether.

  • Use of other marketing channels. Depending on the nature of your products, services, or marketing niche, any of the other marketing channels besides search engines may be worth pushing on. These include:
  • Affiliate programs. Put simply, an affiliate program is a method of rewarding individuals (your "affiliates") with commissions for sending traffic to your site that results in purchases. Affiliate marketing is among the most cost-effective methods of promoting a business on the Internet a method that actually works! The technical difficulty with setting up an affiliate program is keeping track of all the click-thru's (and which lead to sales) for large numbers of affiliates. Viable approaches range from relatively simple custom-designed management software, to use of a third-party "affiliate program management" service.

  • Mailing list sign-up. Because most website visitors need 5 visits to a site before they make a response (for example, a purchase), the site needs to be constructed so as to help draw them back again. Getting them to bookmark your site (and helping your bookmark stand out through use of custom icons) is one important aid. Even more important is attracting people to add themselves to your opt-in mailing list or to subscribe to your free newsletter. You will then be in a position to entice them back to your site repeatedly, through notices of new products, specials / discounts, interesting articles, etc. Your opt-in mailing list, you will discover, is one of your most precious commodities. It is a targetted market of people who want to hear from you!

    If you are going to do mailings, you will want to enable people not only to add themselves to your mailing list, but to remove themselves from it. That way your mailings never become spam unsolicited "junk" email for anyone. Also, in several states, enabling people to remove themselves from your mailing list is now part of state law.

    When Enchanted Websites maintains your mailing list, we handle submissions, removals, and removal of duplicates and invalid email addresses.

    A good idea: Provide a policy statement that assures would-be subscribers that their email address will be held in confidence by you, will never be sold to another party, etc.

  • Mailings. Let Enchanted Websites create attractive and effective mailings for you! We specialize in mailings that are well-written, contain graphics, and are attractively formatted.

    About one of our mailings: "This is fantastic, and creatively far better than I imagined -- very classy, straightforward, and yet simple. Thank you so much for making it so nice."

    Kathleen Bennett
    Director, Ray Lynch Productions

    About one of our mailings: "Looks great. Thanks again for your superb work."

    Ron Collinson
    Collinson Enterprises

    About one of our mailings: "The mailing was a beautiful card -- thanks so much."

    Christine Feehan
    New York Times bestselling author

  • Creating a site map. A site map is a map of the pages on your website. Site maps help users navigate through a website that has more than one page by showing the user a diagram of the entire site's contents. Similar to a book's table of contents, the site map makes it easier for a user to find information on a site without having to navigate through the site's many pages.

    A site map not only helps human visitors. It makes it easier for a search engine spider to find all of your site's pages. It assists search engine "spiders" in indexing your entire site and increasing your chances for the best possible and highest number of listings. The site map acts as a road sign that points a search engine to all of the destinations within your site.

Which of these services will work best for you depends on the nature of your particular business, and your marketing niche. Tell us more about your business, and we'll be able to recommend a program for you!

Note: We do not offer unsolicited bulk email campaigns commonly known as spam as one of our services, for all kinds of reasons. If you are a newcomer to Web marketing, and have heard all kinds of "get rich overnight" stories associated with the use of unsolicited bulk email, please check out this link!!


Our online marketing clients include:

  • Villas International Over 25,000 worldwide vacation rentals, from the second oldest international vacation rental company in the United States. "Experience the world from the inside."

    Chris excellent work on Google!! I thought I'd noticed our name come up quite often on my own recent searches.

    David Kendall
    Villas International

  • Name That Toon The world's largest publisher of advertising/animation art (for Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Hershey, and many others).

  • Celebriducks The original collectible, squeezable celebrity bath ducks, from Groucho Marx to Betty Boop, Shakespeare to Mae West. You'll quack up when you see these!

  • Aloha Bay Candles It's only natural: strikingly attractive, hand-poured Palm Wax Candles that burn cleaner; fragrances that are 100% essential oils; wicks made of top-grade cotton.

  • Bright Lights Candle Company The 3rd best-selling manufacturer of candles in the Northeastern United States. A new tradition in candle excellence. All Bright Lights candles are made of the purest natural materials.

  • Collinson Enterprises Serving recognition product needs for Law Enforcement, Government, Organizations, Associations, Hospitals, Clubs and Corporations. Custom Police Badges and Jewelry are our specialty!

    I do want to thank you for your great marketing work. You knowlege is certainly paying off as we are getting more hits and inquiries. . . . I like the trends in search engine placement! Chris, you have done a great job at helping to bring traffic to our site!!!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

    Budge Collinson
    Collinson Enterprises

  • Adrien ArpelAdrien Arpel Adrien Arpel (stock market ticker symbol: ADPL) received much acclaim for introducing the European facial to an eager U.S. market in the 1970s. The company soon became a household name for women seeking top-of-the-line skin care products and services. Today, Adrien Arpel is one of the most respected skin care lines in the world, and Adrien Arpel products are available in most upscale department stores and select salons.

    On doing further search engine promotion work for Adrien Arpel:

    Chris, you have earned so many brownie points in your work here you could do just about anything you want.

    Lucinda Law
    Director of Creative Development
    Adrien Arpel

  • Flower Essence Services Body-mind wellness through nature's living archetypes.

    Thanks for the good work. Glad to hear the efforts have paid off.

    Richard Katz
    Flower Essence Services

  • Ray Lynch Home Page Award-winning home page of the recording artist, composer of the platinum album, Deep Breakfast. Lots of interesting info for fans.

    I read through your very detailed and impressive search engine promotion report. Thanks again for everything.

    Kathleen Bennett
    Ray Lynch Productions

  • Presse-Papiers.com Offering fine European and American glass paperweights, including works by Paul Stankard.

  • Color Me Beautiful – The internationally acclaimed cosmetic line (and bestselling book) that revolutionized the world of color cosmetics by introducing the concept of choosing color by season.Their Color Harmony Index defines your seasonal cosmetic color pallette by combining your personal attributes such as hair color, skin tone, and eye color, to help you determine which Season will look best on you their warm colors, Autumn and Spring, or cool colors, Summer and Winter.

  • Blessings From Nature, Inc. Regularly "cleaning out" our systems from the toxins it accumulates is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Our herbal "clean-out" products do precisely that in the most natural and high-quality manner. Information on herbal detoxification available.

  • Natural Health Yellow Pages Want to find a natural product or service? This is your one stop.

  • Flori Roberts – Flori Roberts was the first department store line of cosmetics developed specifically for African-American women. Flori Roberts is well-known for starting the trend to associate models with cosmetic lines. Billie Blair, one of the first African American runway models, was also a Flori Roberts model. We also feature the Patti LaBelle Signature Lip and Nail Collection. Flori Roberts products are sold through upscale and mid-fashion department stores like Caron Pirie Scott, Macy's and JCPenney. Flori Roberts' loyal clientele and ever-growing popularity maintains the line's position as an icon in the cosmetic industry.

  • LaCrista The leader in natural skin care products. Specially formulated using natural ingredients, LaCrista skin care products are hypo-allergenic and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

    I must say that I am impressed with the monthly report you do . . . it is very detailed. As you can see, we all think your work is great.

    Linda Collinson
    LaCrista, Inc.

  • The FloorSAV'R Company Prevent water damage to your floors from your appliances.

  • Iman Cosmetics and Skincare Says supermodel, Iman: "Throughout my career, I had to create makeup that looked good on me by being a good chemist. I decided to introduce my own line because I realized that there wasn't a product on the market that met my needs or the needs of all women with skin of color." IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare has utilized breakthrough ingredients and advanced technology to develop superior products for women of color. Today, IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare can be found all over the world in upscale and mid-fashion department stores like Carson Pirie Scott and JCPenney, as well as, cosmetic and fragrance destinations like Cosmetics Plus.

  • Naptech Quality-reconditioned electronic test equipment, as well as new test equipment.

  • Potomac Greentech, Inc. Aromatherapeutic products for the mind, body and spirit; featuring our unique Herbal Eye Pillows.

  • Gale Hayman, Beverly HillsTM – A fashion and beauty expert for over 20 years (who has dressed everyone from Barbra Streisand to Princess Grace), Gale Hayman has devoted her life to the pursuit of an inner and outer beauty for all women. Co-founder of the internationally renowned Giorgio Boutique, author of the definitive beauty guide, How Do I Look?, internationally syndicated Columnist, creator of the legendary Giorgio fragrance, and style and beauty consultant to the most glamorous women in Hollywood. The exclusive, Gale Hayman Beverly Hills line of fragrances, color cosmetics, long term treatment and immediate skin care products, bring the beauty secrets of Hollywood, to women everywhere. With Gale Hayman signature products, every woman can look as young as she feels – confident in her appearance, and glowing with the glamour of youthful beauty.

  • Motivational Speaking Acclaimed professional speaker, Linda Collinson, speaks on subjects from "natural skin care" to "women in business".

  • Natural Net Marketing Turn your health-related website into an Internet PROFIT CENTER.

  • Your Lapel Pins Custom lapel pins from the leader, for incredible prices.

  • Interface – Recognizing the need for an upscale brand targeting black women, BioCosmetic recently launched the Interface line of prestige cosmetics, which joins other prestige ethnic brands such as Flori Roberts and Iman. Interface was created to enhance all that is beautiful in black women. State-of-the-art technology and sophistication are incorporated into everyday beauty essentials formulated especially for black skin. At the core of the Interface philosophy is a caring for and nurturing of the complexion. Since black women's skin concerns are as diverse as their skin tones, Interface has created a comprehensive family of treatment and color cosmetics to meet their most persistent challenges.

Read our article on Marketizing Your Website, to understand why website design and website marketing must be tightly integrated in order to create an Internet profit center.


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