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e have designed, upgraded, and marketed a wide variety of websites. But we particularly specialize in the service areas below.

Custom Web Programming Our programmers do custom programming in Javascript, Perl, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, cookies, Java applets, server side includes, and other advanced languages and technologies, as well as installation and customizing of third-party software, for a wide variety of purposes.

What's our hottest area of web programming these days? We convert your site into one that is (largely or entirely) generated from a database. This is the approach standardly taken by the major sites on the web.

Clients with large sites and frequent changes generally find it worth the overhead to convert their site into one whose pages are mostly or entirely generated from a database. As just one example of many potential benefits: this could enable your staff members (who are not web programmers) to add new products themselves, using a web interface. Running the page generator will then automatically create a new page for that product that matches the style of your database.
Adding E-Commerce to Your Website E-Commerce is growing at an incredible pace with over $3.2 TRILLION in worldwide revenues projected by the year 2003. We've installed a wide variety of shopping cart packages. However, we specialize in installing the Americart e-commerce package. Americart is an excellent, very reasonably priced, secure-order, e-commerce service. Currently, Enchanted Websites is the only company recommended by Americart performing for this service.
Search Engine Promotion The position of your website on the major search engines often plays a crucial role in how many people actually visit your website. We have helped many clients increase the traffic to their site many times over, through our Search Engine Promotion Programs, and our other marketing services.
Cosmetics and Skin Care Websites We have worked with some of the best known companies out there: such as Adrien Arpel (ticker symbol: ADPL); or Color Me Beautiful, the internationally acclaimed cosmetic line (and bestselling book) that revolutionized the world of color cosmetics by introducing the concept of choosing color by season.
Natural Products and Health Websites We know natural products and services, through our experience working with some of the industry's best-known marketers, manufacturers, and retailers. Products that range from essential oil candles to hypoallergenic skin care to leading edge European nutritional products; services that range from industry portals to reflexology courses to natural product marketing we've seen it all, and can bring all that experience to creating an effective Internet presence for you.
Websites that Sell or Display Art One of the reasons we call ourselves "Enchanted Websites" is we have put together some web art galleries we are proud of! Visitors have been "enchanted" by them, and, when the art has been commercial like the bestselling Celebriducks the web sales have really taken off.


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