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Enchanted Websites does not offer unsolicited bulk email campaigns commonly known as "spam" as one of our services, for all kinds of reasons. For the same reasons, our hosting clients are strictly prohibited from sending unsolicited email from the Enchanted Websites server; violation of this policy will result in discontinuation of services. Here are some of the reasons for our anti-spam policy:

  • Spam is an abuse of the Internet and a violation of the Internet community. We view it as an abuse of the Internet's capabilities and potential, and only wish to support activities that benefit both marketers and consumers.
    • E-mail spam is unique in that the receiver pays much more for it than the sender does.
    • Many spam messages say "please send a REMOVE message to get off our list.'' Even disregarding the question of why you should have to do anything to get off a list you never asked to join, this becomes completely unworkable if the volume of spam grows.

  • The potential for negative backlash is great. It includes such unmitigated disasters as:

    • The shutting down of your website or your ISP service. While the party that spams you might choose to ignore your replies, the owner of the domain from which it originated or the administrative or billing contacts who sponsored the domain will be much less likely to do so.

    • Getting your website address or domain name on Web "blacklists". How would you like to receive this message back from someone you had hoped would be a customer, in response to your bulk email:

      "Our private e-mail facilities are not your advertising medium. People who use them as such abuse our resources and waste our time, which are extremely valuable. We have entered your e-mail address and company name in our corporate blacklist database. We will not do business with you now, nor will we consider other requests from you in the future. Remove this e-mail address from your junk mail list immediately and do not contact us again in the future."

    • Poor first impression. Furthermore, because the vast majority of spam messages advertise stuff that's worthless, deceptive, and partly or entirely fraudulent and this has become common knowledge among email users it therefore is not the most desirable kind of first impression to make on your prospective customers.

  • The legality of spam is in question. Some kinds of spam are already illegal in some countries on the Internet. Also, it is likely to be much more widely regulated if not prohibited in the near future click here for a comprehensive status report on anti-spam laws. Quite apart from valid concerns about civil liberties, it is just not savvy marketing-wise to be associated with something that is "on trial". At least wait till the trial is over before linking your good name to it! But even from the standpoint of civil liberties: Legislation grows best in a vacuum. If the problem of e-mail abuse gets to be large enough, and if we, the good citizens of the Internet community, do not effectively self-regulate it (which includes not being spammers ourselves), various levels of government will feel the need to step in and try to legislate a stop to it.

Here are some useful links for more information regarding spam:

Click here for the marketing services that we do endorse and are happy to offer!


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