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Custom Web Programming

Our programmers do installation and "tweaking" of third-party software, and/or programming in Javascript, Perl, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, cookies, Java applets, server side includes, and other advanced languages and technologies, for a wide variety of purposes, including:
  • Form-processing

  • Printer-friendly versions of web pages Have your cake and eat it too: your web pages can look fantastic graphically, but don't let that keep people from printing out their favorite pages.

  • Bookmark this page Don't hesitate to remind people, and make it just a click of a button in Internet Explorer.

  • Send this page to a friend This is a nice idea, but you'll want to have a good viral marketing concept to make it work!

  • Online auctions

  • Bulletin boards / discussion forums

  • Classified ad posting

  • Pop-up pages for specials, notices, etc.

  • Chat rooms

  • Guestbooks

    If you already have a ready-made or established community like the avid fans of Christine Feehan's bestselling romance books a guestbook can be a fantastic means to cater to your community. Click here to take a look at her guestbook.

  • Downloadable products If you've got digital products of one kind or another (e-books, images, software, music mpgs, etc.), we can link puchases made through your ecommerce package with access to such downloadable products (if you have an ecommerce package like Americart that makes this possible).

    Natural Health Yellow Pages is a good example of one of our downloadable products sites. They sell several e-books through their site.

  • An interface that allows you to make changes directly to your web pages (or create new pages) In general, this is cost-effective for you if you have a large number of pages that all have the same form (e.g., all your full page product presentations have the same form, say, a title at top center, a product picture and a brief description in the next "row" of the page, an extended description after that, etc.) Based on such a template, we can then create a form-based interface that allows you to fill in the various "sections" of a new page, or modify sections of an existing page. Contact us for more information if you are interested in this possibility.

  • Database-driven site generation A step beyond the last item: Database-driven site generation is one of the hottest trends in custom web programming these days, and a necessity for a large (and ever-growing) site. Rather than having to enter changes (prices, new products, etc.) by modifying your web pages directly, enter them into your web database, and re-generate your entire site (including the new changes) from your database! Huge, long-term savings result, because lower-skilled, less costly personnel can now make the changes to your site.

    Natural Health Yellow Pages is a nice example of one of our database-generated sites. They currently have several thousand natural product website listings, spread across several hundred category pages. They also maintain a database of natural health news articles.

  • Mailing list sign-up can be customized with as many visitor preferences as you'd like, so that customized mailings can be created.

  • White paper download Another way to capture an email address (or other info from site visitors) is to offer something enticing in exchange - for example, a "white paper" with some interesting and useful content.

  • On-site search engines

  • Personalization of your site Use cookie technology to track user preferences, and to "dish up" web page content that is most interesting to the particular visitor.

  • Pull-down menus These can even have several levels to their hierarchy (that is, each item in the menu can have its own menu, etc.) Click here for a good example: look at the top of the page.

    Finding a way to squeeze over 300 product categories of natural products into a small space is a challenge. But that's exactly what we were able to do for Natural Health Yellow Pages, with the help of pull-down menus.

  • Special web page effects

  • Image map creation Press on a different part of the image, and be taken to a different page.

  • Dynamic buttons ("rollover buttons") they change shape, change color, or play sounds when the mouse is held over them. The buttons at the top of this page are a simple example.

  • Marquees with "ticker tape", scrolling script, etc.

  • Currency conversion assistance

  • Polls / surveys / questionnaires

  • Calendar of events

  • Image catalog display / browsing

  • Slide shows

  • News article posting / management

    Click here for an example of a news article archive created by one of our custom news article management programs.

  • Finance-related software (usable calculators, etc.)

  • Customer support software

  • Postcards

  • Database management

  • Games (e.g., for kids' pages)

  • Text or images that automatically change with the day of the week, the season, or at random

  • Forwarding visitors that land on one web page to another Click here for an example.

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