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Technical Support

Use of Real Audio or Real Video

How do I configure my site for streaming Real Audio or Video?

Real Audio/Video is http streaming, which is included in our basic hosting package. Here's a little information about setting it up.

  1. Make an HTML page with the following link.

  2. <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com/file.ram">Click here</a>

  3. Next, make a simple text file (i.e. Notepad, or VI), named 'file.ram', with the following line in it:

  4. http://www.yourdomain.com/file.ra

    NOTE: This should be a one line entry with a blank line at the end and should contain the web address of the Real Audio or Video file.

  5. Upload the file.ra or file.rm file to your server. The file.ra (or .rm) is the actual Real Video/Audio file that is uploaded to your server at the location that matches the one in the ram file.

  6. Test it. If it works, then congratulations! If it does not work, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Don't forget to provide a link where your visitor can download the latest version of the Real Player, if they don't yet have it. Here's a link that worked as we wrote this page:


It's nice to provide a graphic as well. Feel free to use this one:

Related Links

A special encoder program is needed to create the specialized Audio/Video files for streaming. You can read more about the encoder at:


How do I configure my site for LIVE Real Audio or Video (e.g., for live broadcasts to 100 people simultaneously)?

Real Audio live streaming requires a number of services and products, which we list below. We give sample costs, based on a "100 people" broadcast:


All prices listed here are subject to change.

  • Licensing for the Real Audio Server software. This varies in price due to the package and the amount of streams. (A "stream" is one user receiving to the broadcast.) For example, the price for 100 users is $4995.
  • Real Audio Support and Upgrades. $1995
  • Real Audio Installation Package. $199


All prices listed here are subject to change.

  • A dedicated server. The stand alone server runs $800 setup and $400 a month.
  • Dedicated bandwidth. How much bandwidth is required depends on the amount of streams. Each stream typically requires 20 kbps of bandwidth. If for example, 100 people were going to listen you would easily need 2000 kbps or 2 Mbps. A 10Mb ethernet connection to the network providing 2048 Kbps of bandwidth is $2100.
  • Setup of "dedicated bandwidth" for network. $1600 (one-time fee).




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