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Technical Support

Site Created With Microsoft FrontPage

All EnchantedWebsites's FrontPage sites have the FrontPage 98 extensions installed and are available for use by all of our FrontPage clients.

NOTE: The Copy Web/Publish Web function will not work properly until your domain name is "Live" on our servers.

If you are still using FrontPage 97, please refer to these instructions.

NOTE: Before publishing your site, you must first establish a connection to your Internet Service Provider.

Publishing Your FrontPage 98 Web To The Server

1. Open your site locally through FrontPage Explorer, by using the "File" pulldown menu, and selecting "Open FrontPage Web". 

2. In the "Getting Started" dialog box, select "Open an Existing FrontPage Web" and choose the FrontPage web you want to open. Click "More Webs" if the web you want to open is not listed.  (see picture below)

3. When the web loads into FrontPage Explorer, select "Publish FrontPage Web" from the "File" pulldown menu. 

4. Enter the Destination Web Server "www.yourdomain.com". 

5. Enter the username and password for your hosting account. 


"Open Front Page Web" dialogue boxes

Updating Your FrontPage Web

This is the best way to update your site. 

This allows you to make fast, instant updates to your site on our server. In order to save a copy of the web to your local hard drive, simply publish the web to a location on your hard drive.

  1. Open your site on our server through FrontPage Explorer.
  2. Double-Click on the page that you need to edit (this will open your page in the FrontPage Editor).
  3. Make all necessary updates to your page.
  4. From the File Menu, select Save.
Please Note:   At this time, you cannot create /Sub-Webs/Child-Webs.




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