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Technical Support

WIN2000 Accounts


How do I login to my Windows control panel?

First, proceed to the following URL:


where yourdomain.com is your domain name.

If you are logging into your Windows Control Panel to edit your website, or add an ftp user, you'll login as the following username: webadmin@yourdomain.com , and type in your password.

How do I use my Win2000 Powersite control panel?

For more information, download the control panel manual. (The manual is compressed in zip format, so if you are a PC user, and you do not already have a program to extract .zip files, you should first download WinZip . )

My FTP account worked fine yesterday. Today it doesn't work. What's happening?

This is due to a known bug in the Microsoft Win2000 server. Microsoft suggests that it will have a patch available around December, 2001. In the meantime, you should be able (using your Win2000 Control Panel) either to simply change the password for your FTP account, or create a new account altogether, in order to have a functional FTP account again.

I am interested in using Microsoft SQL with my Win2000 account.

Click here for more information.


Does Enchanted Websites support Cold Fusion?

Currently, Enchanted Websites does not provide this software on our NT / Windows 2000 Powersite, or any of our Windows solutions.

Does Enchanted Websites support Net Objects Fusion?

Net Objects Fusion is an HTML authoring tool that is very popular on the internet. This software package includes templates for the look of web pages, an easy WYSIWYG display, and an ftp/publishing feature that makes file transfer as easy as a click of a button. Using Net Objects Fusion is rather simple, and yes, Enchanted Websites does support Net Objects on both our Linux and NT hosting solutions.

How do I log into my IMAIL account?

iMail on Enchanted Websites's Windows 2000 Powersite server uses port 8383. To access the iMail on your NT server via your browser, use the following format for the URL:


Enter the word "root" as the user name. Enter your Win2000 account password. From this entry page you can manipulate all of the email available on your site.

Can I create child webs on WIN2000 accounts?

Child webs are not available on our servers at this time. We will announce when this will be made available.

How do I set up a POP account?

To set up a POP account on an Windows 2000 hosting package:

  • Log into your Imail account.
  • Once you have logged into your Imail area, click on 'User administration'.
  • The following screen will display all users in the text box, and the buttons to 'Add' (which will add a new user), 'Delete' (which you'll have to select a user first to delete), 'Display' (which will display the properties for that user), 'Change Password' (which will change the password for the selected user), and 'Modify User Account' (which will modify the user's current profile).
  • To add a user, click on the 'Add' button.
  • The next screen displayed will ask for the userID, which is the POP account name. This can be any username from 3 to 30 characters, without spaces and must consist of alphanumeric characters, '_','-' and periods.
  • Next, enter the real name of the user by inputting the First Name into the 'First Name' box and the Last Name of the user into the 'Last Name' box.
  • Next, enter the password and re-enter it to confirm.
  • After the password, enter the 'Max Mailbox Size' for each mailbox created in the user's mail account. If a mailbox exceeds the maximum, any new mail for the mailbox is returned to the sender. Enter 0 for unlimited size.
  • Next, enter the number of Max Messages allowed for that user. If the maximum is exceeded, any new mail for the user is returned to the sender. Enter 0 for unlimited size.
  • The user attributes should not change, unless you wish for that user not to have web based email access.

Can I publish with Front Page 98 to the NT PowerSite?

Click here for more information.

How do I test CDONTS on my Windows 2000 server?

Use these two scripts to test CDONTS on your Windows account. You'll need to create these two files, and upload them to your /htdocs directory:

FILE NAME: test.htm

FILE NAME: test.htm

For more information on CDONTs, visit 15seconds.com .





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