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IMAN COSMETICS AND SKINCARE created and developed the IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare website.
By assembling a team of experts, Iman has ensured that IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare utilizes breakthrough ingredients and advanced technology to develop superior products for women of color. Today, IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare products can be found all over the world in upscale and mid-fashion department stores like Carson Pirie Scott and JCPenney, as well as cosmetic and fragrance destinations like Cosmetics Plus.
IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare
Dear Chris,

YOU ARE SO THOROUGH . . . I wish I had about ten of you.

Lucinda Law
Director of Creative Development
Iman Cosmetics

CELEBRIDUCKS created the Celebriducks website.
Celebriducks were recently featured by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, and as one of Entertainment Weekly's top 15 holiday gifts. They also have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today Magazine, and Sports Illustrated Magazine.

To Whom It May Concern:

We hired the staff of Enchanted Websites to design a very unique website for our company. We were releasing the first ever celebrity bath tub duck line called Celebriducks.

Since we have licenses with the estates of very well-known celebrities such as James Brown, Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplin, and many others, it was essential that whatever we designed would have a large impact in the entertainment industry. We could not have been more pleased with what Enchanted Websites came up with for us. The site contains all the humor, artistic creativity, and whimsical feeling that we were looking for.

It was extremely important that the site was outstanding being that our website address is on every package, in every ad, and on every press release which was sent out to almost 1000 national television, newspaper, and magazine contacts. I should also add that the feedback we have received from virtually everyone we have spoken with, our clients, licensors, retail and wholesale customers, media contacts, etc. has been overwhelmingly positive. I am getting so much email and calls from people who really dig the site. It is being very, very well-received. In short, the site has been a great success in terms of exactly what we needed to position ourselves with the kind of elegance and professionalism we were looking for. I highly recommend the work of Enchanted Websites and anyone can feel free to personally contact me at any time if I can offer any additional information.

Craig Wolfe

9/13/99: The people at New Line Cinema (whom we approached about a potential new Celebriduck based on one of their movie characters), and the folks representing Charlie Chaplin, all loved the site!

1/4/02: Beautiful job on the custom duck section. Your timing was impeccable! Thanks so much!! Media all broke today in a big way and having that up in time was just great.... really appreciate it....

I want to tell you about how much I enjoy the profiles of each celebriduck. They are richly detailed and take advantage of the multimedia resources of the internet I 'm thinking especially of the Dr. Frank-N-Furter page, with the audio file links and so forth.

Sean M., site visitor

RAY LYNCH is the composer of Deep Breakfast, the first "New Age" gold album (later to go platinum). His albums have won 3 Billboard awards, including the 1990 Instrumental Album of the Year, the 1990 Instrumental Artist of the Year, and the 1989 Instrumental Artist of the Year.
Ray Lynch Home Page

Dear Chris,

You know how it feels when you're over-extended and you need help. You need help! And that's what I received working with you and your staff at Enchanted Websites .

Ray Lynch wanted a website that was a reflection of the quality of his music. Ray has sold over 2 million albums through word-of-mouth alone. He didn't want a slick commercial site but something that communicated feeling as well as un-hyped information on how to buy his music online.

Your capacity to listen well, your skillful eye at visual design, your sophisticated technical skill, and your willingness to take responsibility and see things to the end gave me the support I needed. You demonstrated integrity in every area we worked in, and it became clear early on that I could trust you and your work. You presented Ray with something he really liked and felt good about, and made it possible for me to be freed up to do my business. Thank you for all your hard work, it was truly a pleasure doing business with you.

Kathleen Bennett
Director, Ray Lynch Productions

Nicely organized home page. It's nice that you offer autographed albums. The Guestbook is very effective. The Q&A page is also something that will be very appealing to fans. The bio is interesting. It's written in a personal way that keeps the reader's attention, despite the length. All in all, a well-organized site with good content.

Marcia Yudkin
Reviewer for the Webby Awards, and Inc. Magazine's small business web site awards

PARILLO PERFORMANCE upgraded the website for Parrillo Performance. John Parrillo has worked with, and is highly respected by, many of the top bodybuilders and strength and endurance athletes over the last 20 years. One of the foremost authorities on sports nutrition and training, Parrillo has been called by one leading bodybuilding magazine, "an exercise and nutrition genius who knows more about maximizing muscle growth and losing body fat than anyone else in the world."

Parrillo Performance

Dear Chris:

I am really impressed the site looks great and I am very happy. John as well. Response to the site changes has been very strong people have been calling in, commenting on the improvement. As soon as we opened we made sales.

I have a huge list of email addresses (several hundred in the first few weeks) of people signing up for the newsletter, and now I've got to deliver!

Everything is going really well for us, and with the design templates and instructions you sent, I've been able to make all kinds of changes to the site myself can you believe it? Thanks a million. You have made my life a hell of a lot easier.

Steve Hampton, Marketing Director
Parrillo Performance

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