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web partners with Americart

We've installed shopping cart systems of a wide variety. However, we specialize in installing the Americart shopping cart package. Americart is an excellent, very reasonably priced, secure-order, e-commerce service.


Simple for your customers to use, making your site easy to shop. All the key features of e-commerce are bundled together in the Americart service.

The Americart system paid for itself less than 4 hours after our shopping cart went online. Our hearty recommendations.

Jeff Edwards, President, Home Harvestฎ Garden Supply Online

We suggest you take a look at an actual example from one of client's websites – visit Adrien Arpel, and press "Products". Try adding an item or two to your shopping cart! Then try checking out. If you choose a "secure server" payment option, you'll see all the signs that indicate to the customer that the propitary information they are about to enter is indeed secure. Or, try our sample product ordering page, which has a variety of product ordering arrangements.

  • shopping cart -- Americart provides all the features that are standard in the most sophisticated e-commerce facilities on the Web:

    • items can added to the cart from any page on your website.
    • displays a summary of the shopping cart contents when an item is added to the cart.
    • the visitor can view the contents of the cart no matter what page they are on (so long as that page has a "view cart" button).
    • the ability to change the quantity of an item currently in the cart.
    • the ability to "continue to shop" from the cart-viewing page, returning the visitor to the last page they were shopping on; or to "check out".
    • the ability to "empty the cart" with the click of a single link on the cart page.
    • the ability to choose from multiple shipping methods (ground, 2-day express, 1-day express, etc.) of your choosing.
    • Support for various currencies, units of measure, etc.

  • checkout / secure order page – Same with the checkout process: Americart provides all the features that are standard in the most sophisticated e-commerce facilities on the Web:

    • Programmable threshold below which you can charge a small order fee, reminding customers to increase their order amount.
    • Choice of ordering and payment methods for you to offer your customers.
    • Support for various currencies, units of measure, etc.
    • Calculates sales tax for application to "home state" customer orders. Multiple home states and variable tax rate handled also.
    • Solicits all the standard information required for a particular selection of form of payment (e.g., credit card order).
    • Brings up a secure order page when customers are asked to provide credit card information, addresses, etc.
    • Verifies fields in order submissions for completeness.
    • Verifies credit card numbers to assure mathematic validity, i.e. whether they are a legitimate VISA number, MasterCard number, etc. (This is different from real-time validation of a credit card charge, which is a separate service, requiring a merchant account – see below.)
    • Orders are sent securely to the email address of your choice.
    • Issues unique order numbers to you and the shopper to match them up with their order for inquiries.



Basic services.
Most clients that come to us for e-commerce find the following set of services sufficient:

  • Standard installation. Our standard installation service covers a wide variety of shipping cost arrangements and payment methods.

  • Integration with website. The end result of this service is "Add to Cart" buttons everywhere you want to allow a customer to add a product to the shopping cart. "View Cart" and "Checkout" buttons are routinely added (at no extra charge) to every page that has an "Add to Cart" button on it. There are a variety of options here to suit your personal needs (including slots for entering in the quantity of a particular product, etc.). Here are some of the possible product ordering arrangements.

    The default is to use the following graphics on a white background. However, most clients choose to have us quickly create custom designs that better match their website's design (based on graphics or graphical themes currently on their site).

add to cart button

view cart button
(on product pages)

checkout button
(on product pages)

shopping cart page
header graphic

checkout page sequence
header graphic

shopping cart page
continue shopping button

shopping cart page
check out now button

Americart e-commerce service
(1 year – renewable annually)
standard installation
(1 hr. labor)

integration with website

*Volume discounts available.
Also: non-standard items requiring extra work (color choices, material choices, etc.) are more. Click here for some common examples and prices.

quick custom design of e-commerce graphics:

  • "add to cart" button (on product pages)
  • "view cart" button (on product pages)
  • "checkout" button (on product pages)
  • header graphic for top of cart and checkout pages (usually adapted from your logo)
  • "continue shopping" button (on shopping cart page)
  • "checkout now" button (on shopping cart page)
consulting/training on Americart, e-commerce, etc.

Note: In our table of services and costs above, what we mean by "item" is each place you want to add an item to a cart. So if you want to enable addition of the same product to the shopping cart, from 2 different locations on your website, that counts as 2 items, not 1.

Additional services. We have found that clients also need or want the following services from time to time:

  • Special product ordering features – Our standard integration accomodates a wide variety of arrangements – click here for examples. Occasionally, clients have something a little different in mind, and we're happy to accomodate, whenever it is technically possible.

  • Product listing design – Our services above have been described in terms of adding e-commerce to an existing website, with already present product presentations. As a premier web design company, we naturally also are happy to create the product listings in the first place, if you don't already have them.

    RECOMMENDATION: If you have a lot of products, complement your "full-page" product presentations with "line listing" pages that have thumbnail product images, brief product descriptions, and price options. And allow visitors to add the product to their shopping cart from both places.

  • Custom checkout forms – Sometimes clients are interested in changing one or more of the standard checkout forms, or even adding new ones. Everything below the "purchased items" table and above the "Submit Secure Order" button is customizable!

  • Custom design of e-commerce graphics – As mentioned above, we standardly create custom versions of the 7 e-commerce graphics above, as simple adaptations (45 mins. labor) of your website's design theme, or your business logo (if it is available on the site). We can also do much more elaborate custom designs of these graphics, as well as scan in your logo (if it is not on the site) and work from the scan, create other graphics (such as the Free Shipping graphic below) as appropriate, etc.

  • Special arrangements of shipping costs – Sometimes certain types of shipping arrangements require additional work. For instance, if your shipping cost is by total weight of purchase, then we need to obtain from you the weight of each product, and, throughout your website, "tag" each product (invisibly) with its weight.

  • Special combinations of e-commerce technologies – For example, we custom-designed the product page (show below) on the Parrillo Performance website so that: (a) multiple products could be ordered at once; and (b) the total of these products is instantly tallied on the page itself. These features combine the Americart e-commerce package with special-purpose Javascript coding on your product page.

    Javascript combined with Americart

  • Enabling discounts – Powerful discount options are possible for all your quantity-based discounts and sale needs. Multiple breakpoints, selectable by partnumber or range of partnumbers. Discount by percent, flat amount, or just set the price.

  • Enabling downloadable or password-protected products – Sometimes your product may be an electronic document, a PC application program, an audio or video file, or some other item that you want the purchaser to be able to download after their ordr has been accepted. It is also possible to have the "product" be a password-protected directory to which the purchaser will be provided a link after their purchase has gone through.

  • Integration with a merchant account and real-time credit card validation – Click here for more information on how to set this up. If you already have an Authorize.net account, it usually takes us about a half an hour to adjust the settings of your Authorize.net and Americart accounts so that the ensemble does the right thing.

Have something else in mind? Please let us know what you have in mind! The number of possibilities are too great for us to list them all here.



Americart offers a bundle of features, for as low as $23 per month (which comes to $276 per year). You just can't get this set of features anywhere else for this price! We've tried – and that's one of the reasons we recommend Americart.
Here's what we found:

  • Secure order page. If you were to try to get your own secure site certificate, here's what you'd pay:
    • the cost of a secure site certificate – Verisign: $349 on up (per year); or Thawte: $149 on up (per year).
    • the cost of a generating a secure key – Generate secure keys for the secure server software and certificate. Typical cost: $100 one-time fee.
    • cost of installing the secure server software onto your hosting server – Typical cost: $100 one-time fee.
    • hosting service cost for using the secure site certificate – Typical cost: $20 / month ($240 / year).
    • TOTAL: $589 for the first year; $389 per year thereafter (if you don't switch hosting services). Note: because Americart is a third-party service, you can move your website to a different hosting service, and your website's Americart e-commerce hook-up will still work.

  • Shopping Cart / Checkout. It is possible to get free shopping cart software. However, that's all you get! You don't get a secure order page, because "a secure web page" is not a piece of software, but a set of services. Also, whatever software you get is limited to the features it has at the time you get it. Americart is constantly improving and expanding the features of its e-commerce services.



Enchanted Websites is one of only two companies recommended by Americart performing for this service.
We've installed the Americart Shopping Cart Service for the following clients:

  • Adrien ArpelAdrien Arpel – Adrien Arpel (stock market ticker symbol: ADPL) received much acclaim for introducing the European facial to an eager U.S. market in the 1970s. The company soon became a household name for women seeking top-of-the-line skin care products and services. Today, Adrien Arpel is one of the most respected skin care lines in the world, and Adrien Arpel products are available in most upscale department stores and select salons.

  • Aloha Bay Candles – It's only natural: strikingly attractive, hand-poured Palm Wax Candles that burn cleaner; fragrances that are 100% essential oils; wicks made of top-grade cotton.


  • Flori Roberts – Flori Roberts was the first department store line of cosmetics developed specifically for African-American women. Flori Roberts is well-known for starting the trend to associate models with cosmetic lines. Billie Blair, one of the first African American runway models, was also a Flori Roberts model. We also feature the Patti LaBelle Signature Lip and Nail Collection. Flori Roberts products are sold through upscale and mid-fashion department stores like Caron Pirie Scott, Macy's and JCPenney. Flori Roberts' loyal clientele and ever-growing popularity maintains the line's position as an icon in the cosmetic industry.

  • Patti LaBelle Fragrances – Grammy award-winning singer, Patti LaBelle, has decided to share her impeccable sense of style and elegance with everyone by introducing Patti Labelle, "Signature" fragrance, along with "Girlfriend", which represents a totally different side of "Miss Patti". Check out her skin care products and special packages as well.

  • Gale Hayman, Bevery HillsTM – A fashion and beauty expert for over 20 years (who has dressed everyone from Barbra Streisand to Princess Grace), Gale Hayman has devoted her life to the pursuit of an inner and outer beauty for all women. Co-founder of the internationally renowned Giorgio Boutique, author of the definitive beauty guide, "How Do I Look?", internationally syndicated Columnist, creator of the legendary Giorgio fragrance, and style and beauty consultant to the most glamorous women in Hollywood. The exclusive, Gale Hayman Beverly Hills line of fragrances, color cosmetics, long term treatment and immediate skin care products, bring the beauty secrets of Hollywood, to women everywhere. With Gale Hayman signature products, every woman can look as young as she feels – confident in her appearance, and glowing with the glamour of youthful beauty.

  • Bright Lights Candle Company – The 3rd best-selling manufacturer of candles in the Northeastern United States. A new tradition in candle excellence. All Bright Lights candles are made of the purest natural materials.

  • Color Me Beautiful – The internationally acclaimed cosmetic line (and bestselling book) that revolutionized the world of color cosmetics by introducing the concept of choosing color by season.Their Color Harmony Index defines your seasonal cosmetic color pallette by combining your personal attributes such as hair color, skin tone, and eye color, to help you determine which Season will look best on you — their warm colors, Autumn and Spring, or cool colors, Summer and Winter.

  • Celebriducks – The original collectible, squeezable celebrity bath ducks, from Groucho Marx to Betty Boop, Shakespeare to Mae West. You'll quack up when you see these!

  • Iman Cosmetics and Skincare Says supermodel, Iman: "Throughout my career, I had to create makeup that looked good on me by being a good chemist. I decided to introduce my own line because I realized that there wasn't a product on the market that met my needs or the needs of all women with skin of color." IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare has utilized breakthrough ingredients and advanced technology to develop superior products for women of color. Today, IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare can be found all over the world in upscale and mid-fashion department stores like Carson Pirie Scott and JCPenney, as well as, cosmetic and fragrance destinations like Cosmetics Plus.

  • The Lisa Wray Tradigital Art Gallery Lisa Wray's "tradigital art" combines traditional painting media, photography and graphics with digital media software and tools. Her art has been described as "a meditation in pictures, colors, shapes and forms. The whole effect engages both the mind and the heart and lifts us into another level. . . many [of her works] are reminiscent of Dali and his surrealism we are in another space, where nature forms and human forms coexist and tell a dream like story."

  • Designer Badges – Serving recognition product needs for Law Enforcement, Government, Organizations, Associations, Hospitals, Clubs and Corporations. Custom Police Badges and Jewelry are our specialty!

  • Interface – Recognizing the need for an upscale brand targeting black women, BioCosmetic recently launched the Interface line of prestige cosmetics, which joins other prestige ethnic brands such as Flori Roberts and Iman. Interface was created to enhance all that is beautiful in black women. State-of-the-art technology and sophistication are incorporated into everyday beauty essentials formulated especially for black skin. At the core of the Interface philosophy is a caring for and nurturing of the complexion. Since black women's skin concerns are as diverse as their skin tones, Interface has created a comprehensive family of treatment and color cosmetics to meet their most persistent challenges.

  • International Theme Parties, Inc. – Our Martial Arts party supplies and scrapbook supplies are now available through our retail site and our wholesale site.

  • Franchise One Valuable, unbiased advice and counseling to prospective franchisees at an affordable price. Our Franchise Buyer's Guide & Workbook is an excellent 'how-to' guide and definitive franchise resource. It includes information not available in bookstores that will show anyone how to find and buy the best franchised business as well as perform complete due diligence on any franchise opportunity without expensive outside help.

  • Parrillo Performance – John Parrillo has guided the world's top bodybuilders in developing programs for nutrition and fitness training; now you too can benefit from his programs, products, and publications.

  • MoreHands.com – MoreHands maid service offers quality cleaning in the Austin, Texas area. We represent the ultimate in customer convenience, including: same-day maid service; free grocery delivery with each visit; quality control; and an online grocery store.

  • Blessings From Nature, Inc. Regularly "cleaning out" our systems from the toxins it accumulates is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Our herbal "clean-out" products do precisely that in the most natural and high-quality manner.

  • ABCGiftCo.com – Creative solutions to your "present" dilemmas. Specializing in corporate gifts and gift baskets for personal occasions. Your gift will get rave reviews and will be a welcome change from flowers and fruit baskets.

    Before our e-commerce upgrade: I need to change shopping carts. Currently, I am using [***], and am very unhappy with it. So, in a nutshell, I have an e-commerce site on which I need to change the shopping cart.

    After our e-commerce upgrade: AWESOME!!! Looks great! I’ll go in and “tweak” it now to match copy to pricing per your previous e-mail. Thanks a lot! I’m very excited.

    Mary Quirk

  • Name That Toon – The world's largest publisher of advertising/animation art (for Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Hershey, and many others).

  • Small Black Dog – The new way to carry stuff is Small Black Dog's ingenious line of hands-free convertible bags: 2 bags all in one. You'll be amazed at their versatility and function. Featured on QVC and Home Shopping Network.

  • LaCrista – The leader in natural skin care products. Specially formulated using natural ingredients, LaCrista skin care products are hypo-allergenic and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Ray Lynch Home Page – Award-winning home page of the recording artist, composer of the platinum album, Deep Breakfast.

  • Barbara's Bakery – The #1 distributor of natural cold cereals in the United States.

  • Global Health Systems* – Superior health products from around the world, with a special emphasis on Europe. Exclusive U.S. importer of leading edge European nutritional product lines.

  • IndoamericanPharmacy.com – IndoamericanPharmacy.com provides top-notch prescription medicines at discount prices that can't be beat. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Indoamericanpharmacy.com has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime.

    Before our e-commerce upgrade: For some reason some customers are unable to place orders. ( They have informed me by e-mail) The PayPal is becoming popular way to pay. In my website, PayPal page is also not properly set up. I will feel much better when Americart is set up and customers do not have problems in placing orders.

    After our e-commerce upgrade: Thank you very much with all the help you have provided. I really appreciate it. You are very good at what you do.

    Avinash Varma

  • The Sadkhin Complex – Dr. Sadkhin's revolutionary approach to self-health care, based on seasonal and human rhythms.

  • Your Lapel Pins – The finest custom design lapel pins available anywhere. Wide range of stock designs as well.

  • Natural Health Yellow Pages – Want to find a natural product or service? This is your one stop!

  • Murtis.com – Specializing in bringing you "doorways to the Divine".



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