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Adding E-Commerce to Your Website


A necessary complement to your online e-commerce is your offline "back office", where you track, process, and fulfill orders, as well as develop mailing lists and mail promotions. Having a back office that integrates seamlessly with your online e-commerce is imperative.

The Stone Edge Order Manager streamlines the entire job of reviewing, processing and shipping orders. Process back-orders, returns, exchanges, sales tax and shipping charge corrections and other order revisions with a few clicks of your mouse, then print the order paperwork, and you are ready to ship! Here are just some of the capabilities of the Order Manager:

  • Automatically downloads orders from your Americart shopping cart and import them into the Order Manager
  • Builds a searchable Customer list with order and payment history
  • Subtracts items sold from inventory; backorders out-of-stock items
  • Re-calculates tax, shipping and credit due for partial orders
  • Includes "drop ship" option: automatically email or fax drop-ship orders to suppliers
  • Allows manual entry of phone, fax and email orders
  • Approves orders that can be totally automated, marks others for manual review
  • Prints any combination of Invoices, Packing Slips, Shipping Labels and Pick Lists
  • Prints order summaries for newly imported and approved orders
  • Includes warnings for inventory items that fall below reorder points
  • Includes credit due information for partial and unshippable orders
  • Prints accounting summaries for any range of dates
  • Includes "Gift Message" option for packing slips
  • Includes options for "virtual coupon" discounts
  • Supports Coupons, Discounts multiple Sales Tax rates and many shipping options
  • Flags orders from problem customers.
  • Easy interface with UPS WorldShip, FEDEX QuickShip and other shipping software - stop retyping names & addresses!
  • POS screen for easier entry of Point-of-Sale Orders. Includes barcode scanning capability.
  • Create purchase orders for re-stocking your inventory. Print, email or fax them to your suppliers. Use barcode scanner to receive new inventory.
  • Use Order Options (Color, Size, Style, etc.) to build "Sub SKUs" and track the exact inventory items that have been sold.
  • New "Email Merge" capabilities and Email Template Editor.
  • Automated filling of back-orders.
  • Export selected customer data for use with bulk email programs.
  • First-in-first-out tracking of inventory value.
  • Export shipping information to text files for import into other shipping programs.

The Stone Edge Order Manager is written in Microsoft Access (so you must have Microsoft Access 97 or Access 2000 in order to use it).

If you do not already have order management software in place, or you are not happy with your present software, consider using the Stone Edge Order Manager in conjunction with your Americart e-commerce software.


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