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Websites That Sell or Display Art

Celebriducks The original collectible, squeezable celebrity bath ducks, from Groucho Marx to Betty Boop, Shakespeare to Mae West. You'll quack up when you see these!

Paperweight Collectors Association

Paperweight Collectors Association The primary organization for paperweight collectors, the PCA is a nonprofit organization with more than 1600 members worldwide, organized to promote interest and appreciation of art glass paperweights. Membership includes artists, dealers, collectors, museums, and libraries. Members range from those owning one or two inexpensive paperweights to those with large and valuable collections.

The Gallery of Malec Fustok Extraordinary works of art from the English artist
The Gallery of Malec Fustok
The Lisa Wray Tradigital Art Gallery
The Lisa Wray Tradigital Art Gallery Lisa Wray's "tradigital art" combines traditional painting media, photography and graphics with digital media software and tools. Her art has been described as "a meditation in pictures, colors, shapes and forms. The whole effect engages both the mind and the heart and lifts us into another level. . . many [of her works] are reminiscent of Dali and his surrealism we are in another space, where nature forms and human forms coexist and tell a dream like story."

Designer Badges Our custom-designed badges (police badges, fire and rescue badges, border patrol badges, and more) are high-quality works of art. Check out our craftsmanship for yourself. Plus: we have a full range of standard stock badges too.

Designer Badges
Ed Kowalczyk's Art Gallery

Ed Kowalczyk's Art Gallery The rock musician's pick of favorite artists and photographers. Kowalczyk is the lead signer of the alternative rock band Live, whose music was recently featured on The Tonight Show and in the box office movie smash, "The Mummy Returns", who won Billboard's Rock Artist of the Year award in 1995, and whose recent Secret Samadhi album debuted at the #1 position on the Billboard charts.


Presse-Papiers.com – "Presse-Papiers" means "paperweights" in French. One of the world's premier paperweight distributors.


Christine Feehan Art Gallery
Image is copyright (C) John Ennis. It is illegal to reproduce this copyrighted image without explicit permission from John Ennis. To visit John Ennis' website click here.

Christine Feehan Art Gallery Works of art inspired by the books of the New York Times bestselling romance author, Christine Feehan.


Your Lapel Pins The leaders in custom-crafted lapel pins. Includes die-struck lapel pins, cloisonne lapel pins, photo-etched lapel pins, and mini-badges. Also features a very comprehensive selection of stock lapel pins of all types.

Your Lapel Pins
The Voyage
The Voyage High-quality reproductions of a unique painting by artist, Kerwin Whitnah.

Name That Toon The world's largest publisher of advertising/animation art (for Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Hershey, and many others).

Name That Toon

Animation Art Classics

Animation Art Classics The finest vintage original animation art on the World Wide Web (specializing in 1930's Disney animation art).

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